How To Safely Get Out Of A Bad Online Date

9 Oct

Online dating is just a fact of life for singles today. But when you’re meeting someone in person that you only know from online things can start off fine and go downhill really quickly. Sometimes you might feel threatened and need to get out of the date quickly. Other times you may just know right away that you don’t feel a connection with the other person and you just want to get out before you have to spend hours of your time sitting with that other person and trying to make stunted conversation. So whether you feel like you might be in danger or you just want to get away from your online date fast here are some great ways to protect yourself and get out of your in-person meetup with your online date:

Find An Ally

In most restaurants and bars if you are on a bad date you can excuse yourself to go to the bathroom but skip the bathroom and find a member of the waitstaff or the kitchen staff and explain the situation and they will help you. Make sure that you give them some cash to cover anything that you ate or drank and have them call a friend for you or call an Uber to take you home. They can let your date know that you left so that the date isn’t left wondering what happened to you.

If you can’t approach a member of the waitstaff and you’re feeling unsafe on your way to the bathroom approach a couple at another table or a table that looks safe and ask them to pretend to know you. You can gracefully leave your date to go sit with your “old friends”.

Have An Escape Route

Speed is important when you’re leaving a bad date. Not only will leaving quickly make it less awkward it also can give you time to get away before your date realizes that you’re gone. You should always be meeting your date at a restaurant or bar and not having the date pick you up. Always rely on your own transportation. It’s a smart idea to go to the meeting place ahead of time to find out where the exits are, where the closest parking is or where the closest public transportation is. That way you will already know how to get out of there in a hurry if you want to.

Set Up An Emergency Call

It’s a cliché but it works. Make sure that your friends know who you are meeting and where and have one of your friends call you at a point during the date. Make sure they know not to stop calling until they hear your voice since a date could get your phone away from you and text your friend that you’re ok even if you’re not. Once you are talking to your friend you can decide if you want to fake an emergency to get out of there or continue with the date.

To avoid going on a date with a person you do not know anything about, do a background check, otherwise, use an app that can monitor his online activities like Phonespector. In this way, you are sure that the person you are going out with is who he really says he is.


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