Orbiting Is The New Ghosting

18 Dec

Ghosting isn’t the worst thing in online dating anymore. Now the newest trend of terrible and confusing behavior is orbiting. Ghosting is when you’re talking with a potential partner online or texting them and they just disappear with no explanation. They stop answering your messages, even though you can see that they’ve been online. They just stop responding to you. It’s especially depressing if you actually liked that person and thought that you were getting along well. But now there’s a new terrible behavior that is going on and it might be even worse than ghosting. It’s orbiting.


Orbiting is when you have exchanged messages and texts with someone, or maybe you have actually gone on a date or hooked up with them, and they stop responding to your texts or messages but they still watch your Instagram stories and like your social media posts. It’s a way of keeping you as an option without having to put any work into the relationship. They are still interested but they only want to keep you on the back burner in case they don’t have someone else. Orbiting is confusing and insulting and it’s becoming shockingly common.

At least when someone ghosts you, they go away and you can start to move on. But when someone is orbiting you they are still in your life. Even if they are just on the edge of your life. By not responding to your texts or messages. They are showing you that they are not interested in you right now. But by still liking your posts and watching your stories. They are keeping their options open in case their current relationship doesn’t work.


It’s up to you if you want to continue to be an option for someone that is orbiting you. Personally, I don’t let people orbit me. Once they ghost me and stop responding to my messages or texts I block them from my social media so that they can’t see any of my posts or like or comment on my photos or see my Instagram stories. Anyone that wants to be in my life needs to act like it and actually respond to me. A few months ago I guy I met on an online dating app stopped texting me back after we had one date. But then he kept liking my Instagram posts and when I would post a new story he was the first one to watch. I was really confused. Then I was angry. So I blocked him and I never heard from him again.

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons why someone might like you but not be in a position to get into a relationship. If they know that they are moving soon, or if they are dealing with some personal issues and just don’t want a relationship but want to leave the door open for dating later that makes sense. But in those cases, it’s their responsibility to tell the other person what’s going on and not just ghost them or orbit them.

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