How to Get Your Man to Commit Into the Relationship

14 Dec

Many women rant about their frustration on how to get their man to commit to them. A lot of them bluntly admit it while some just try to shut their mouths and keep it to themselves. But either way, they feel the same aggravation towards the tendency of men to avoid commitment.

One can only wonder about the length of their “dating” stage without having the discussion of being truly committed to each other. Eventually, women become afraid of being left alone on the stage. They think that maybe one day, just because there’s no fine line about their relationship that they will end up alone — again.

What is it with men and their unwillingness to commit? Is it natural for the majority of men to become afraid of giving their full commitment to one woman? Is it even true that men, maybe not in general, fear the obligation of giving that kind of entitlement to women?

What Men Want

Let’s try to talk about what men want. Women might think it’s hard to figure them out. But, the truth is, they also want the things we claim that we want. They want simple things in love, they don’t want complicated mindboggling relationships, they want something rationally stable. Maybe boys become a little lost in their youth but men, men who are tired of playing around, they seek the kind of commitment that they think is worthy of their investment in love.

What Women Want

Women are argued to be complicated human beings. Men find them hard to understand. There’s this famous line that says, “Women are not meant to be understood, they’re meant to be loved.” And to be frank, it sounds true. It is actually true. The argument is nothing but the truth. Women are indeed complicated, but they’re easy to love. What girls want usually involve spontaneous and magnificently dramatic moments with the person they love. Women, on the other hand, naturally want and need the kind of commitment that men are looking for. If you want to get your man commit into your relationship, be the kind of woman he needs in his life. Be that woman that he wants.


Is it Mutual?

This brings us into a conclusion of men and women wanting the same things when it comes to commitment. Maybe all those maddening moments experienced with other men are just a rite of passage. You will eventually find that one person you’re going to mutually want to have a committed relationship with.

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