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Orbiting Is The New Ghosting

18 Dec

Ghosting isn’t the worst thing in online dating anymore. Now the newest trend of terrible and confusing behavior is orbiting. Ghosting is when you’re talking with a potential partner online or texting them and they just disappear with no explanation. They stop answering your messages, even though you can see that they’ve been online. They […]

Still In Love with Your Ex-Girlfriend? Learn these Ways to Get Your Ex Back and Bring Back the Lost Love

22 Nov

Relationships are not perfect. This is one thing you need to keep in mind before you get in one. But sometimes, mistakes cannot be avoided and this can be the cause of your significant other turning into an “ex”. And no matter how much you grovel at her feet and think of ways to get […]

How To Safely Get Out Of A Bad Online Date

9 Oct

Online dating is just a fact of life for singles today. But when you’re meeting someone in person that you only know from online things can start off fine and go downhill really quickly. Sometimes you might feel threatened and need to get out of the date quickly. Other times you may just know right away […]