Archive | December, 2018

Protect Your Financial Information While Holiday Shopping

28 Dec

Holiday shopping season is also the time when scammers and thieves are most active. Trying to steal people identities and their credit card information. And now using a stolen credit card is easier than ever because with the new chip readers many clerks never handle the credit card at all. They never check for ID […]

Orbiting Is The New Ghosting

18 Dec

Ghosting isn’t the worst thing in online dating anymore. Now the newest trend of terrible and confusing behavior is orbiting. Ghosting is when you’re talking with a potential partner online or texting them and they just disappear with no explanation. They stop answering your messages, even though you can see that they’ve been online. They […]

How to Get Your Man to Commit Into the Relationship

14 Dec

Many women rant about their frustration on how to get their man to commit to them. A lot of them bluntly admit it while some just try to shut their mouths and keep it to themselves. But either way, they feel the same aggravation towards the tendency of men to avoid commitment. One can only […]